We've created a cookie banner plugin.

We've created a cookie banner plugin.

9 months ago
João Bruno Soares
6 minutes

More than 30,000 people use AdOpt's cookie notice daily to comply with various privacy regulations around the world.

In our "Big Dream," all goals and aspirations point toward a global operation.

Today, we can confidently say that AdOpt is getting closer to this goal every day!

Assisting small businesses worldwide in respecting the privacy of internet users.

The Cookie Plugin for WordPress is a crucial element in our global expansion strategy!

One of the largest website-building platforms in the world!

The WordPress platform powers nearly 450 million websites globally, and it's estimated that 50% of Brazilian websites are on this platform. In other words, there are many people using and contributing to the community daily!

But getting here wasn't easy!

The initial sketches of the plugin began in 2020. At that time, AdOpt was virtually unknown, and very few believed that LGPD would actually come into effect. So, as we always prioritize transparency, agility, and quality, our plugin, on one of the world's largest platforms, couldn't be "just another one."

Therefore, we outlined some key objectives that would lead us to develop our Cookie Plugin for WordPress with excellence!

  • Implement Version 2 of the Platform, more robust and scalable - Released in Dec/2021

  • Allow AdOpt users to comply with multiple regulations and languages! - Released in Apr/2021

  • Provide more autonomy and flexibility for our customers to customize 100% of the Cookie Banner text as needed - Released in Apr/2021

We have listed the above points as the pillars of our minimum requirements to offer a good plugin worthy of the WordPress community. We believe that in doing so, we reinforce our value of providing "compliance with LGPD, GDPR, and CCPA... even with the free plan"!

At AdOpt, we are obsessed with a platform that is always easier and more intuitive for users.

So, know that many more exciting features are yet to come!

We are working tirelessly to expand our integrations and partnerships so that anyone, even without any coding or programming experience, can confidently ensure their websites comply with all the world's privacy laws with just a few clicks.

Want to install the Cookie Plugin for WordPress from AdOpt on your website?

Below is a tutorial to help you!

  1. Install the Cookie Plugin for WordPress.

  2. Simply copy the ID of your Cookie Notice from AdOpt. Fast tutorial WP 1.png

  3. Activate the Plugin and paste the Banner ID. Fast tutorial WP 2.png

  4. Save.

  5. That's it! The plugin will automatically install AdOpt's tag on your site. No coding, no complications.

If you have any questions, here's a more detailed tutorial for your reference, okay?


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