How to install AdOpt's WordPress plugin?

There are two main ways to install AdOpt into your WP website.

Below is the step-by-step installation guide for AdOpt’s WP Plugin.

#tip(Attention to the tips at the end if you use "cache plugins (Rocket)")

Go to the WP Plugins store and search for AdOpt.

  • Here is the direct link (You’re welcome ;)
  1. Install the AdOpt Plugin on your WP site and activate it.

  2. If you haven’t yet created an AdOpt Account, create one here: - link to create a new AdOpt Account

  3. Within your AdOpt organization, create the Disclaimer for the URL(s) you wish to install and hit “Save”:


I - Enter the name of the disclaimer for your identification. **II - **Choose if the disclaimer is for only 1 or more URLs. **III - **Click on "+" and enter the URL(s), respectively. **IV – **Hit Save.


  1. Once the Disclaimer has been created, click on the “engine icon”


  1. Click on "Copy disclaimer ID"


  1. Go back to your WP-Admin. a - In the side menu, bottom left, go to Settings and click on AdOpt.
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