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How to add a new banner for a new website in AdOpt?

Right after login, click on the AdOpt logo at the left upper corner.

Than, click on "Add organization" button, at the right upper side.

Give your organization a name. Your disclaimer(s) will be managed within your organization.

  • The organizations will work as "folders" so that you can compile disclaimers from one or more sites in the same environment. ** Starting with the Business plan you will be able to have more than one organization in your account, to facilitate the management of multiple disclaimers/websites.

Select your organization to create the disclaimer.

Once you have entered your organization, click on the "Create disclaimer" button.

1 - Give your disclaimer a name; 2 - Choose how many sites this disclaimer will be responsible for (see our video tutorial above, to understand the main difference)

The option "2 or more sites" is exclusive for paid plans. With it selected you can create a disclaimer that will be readable on multiple sites, and can be installed on all of them. Here you can add pages from subdomains and also sites from other domains.

3 - Type the URL of your site in the template "". 4 - Click the "+" icon to add the URL. 5 - When you complete the list of URL's, click "Save".

Once you save, a disclaimer will be automatically generated with an exclusive usage tag for the registered URL(s).

With the disclaimer created you will be able to view it on a single card, containing: disclaimer name, name given in the previous step; URL of your site; configuration status; configuration steps; and opt-in and opt-out metrics.

Click on the "card" in the banner to open the configuration steps, or on the cog in the corner to open the options menu for this banner:

1 - Setup, to access the banner configuration steps; 2 - Edit, to edit the information in this banner; 3 - Delete, to delete this banner.

After creating the banner you can start its setup. Clicking on "setup", it will open the settings panel, where all setting steps take place.

We recommend that you follow the configuration steps in a western "reading direction", from left to right, from top to bottom.




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