How to install AdOpt via Google Tag Manager?

Log into your AdOpt account/ organization, and the banner you want to work on, than: settings panel, go to the "Disclaimer Code" section.


Copy the "HTML Code for your Tag - (Tag 1)", which can be found in the very first field of this section.

Please note that AdOpt generates a unique tag for each disclaimer you create.

Click the "Copy" button to copy the tag:file install-via-gtm_2.png

    • Go to your GTM: Google Tag Manager
    • Create a tag
    • In your Google Tag Manager, create a new tag by clicking New > Custom HTML.


  1. In the HTML field paste the AdOpt disclaimer code.

  2. In order to identify the tag later, put a name at the top of the page (example: "AdOpt Tag")

  3. Trigger: 7. Set trigger: all pages

  4. In the "x" part, choose all pages install-via-gtm_4.png

  5. Save your changes

  6. Click "Save" and the tag is set.

  7. Publish/Send the changes

**Attention - Saving is not enough, you must publish the changes for the banner to appear on your site. **
  1. Click Submit and then Publish.
  2. Return to the AdOpt platform, refresh the page and clear the cache.
  3. After a few minutes, go to the "Install banner" session, click on TEST TAG. install-via-gtm_5.png

The AdOpt platform will scan your site looking for the code installation. This step can take a few moments. install-via-gtm_6.png

  • With the acknowledgement of the Tag installation, the installation status will be updated.

Following all these steps your banner will be installed :)

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