Case: AdOpt and NZN Media Group

Case: AdOpt and NZN Media Group

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João Bruno Soares
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NZN Group - One of the largest media groups in Latin America, consisting of various content portals in diverse markets such as "Baixaki" (technology, apps, and games), "TechMundo" (technology and innovation), Click Jogos (Online gaming), and "MegaCurioso" (science and pop culture).

Every month, millions of people access their portals in search of information, updates, and entertainment.

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The challenge:

With the enforcement of the LGPD (General Data Protection Law) in August 2020, the NZN Group faced the challenge of adapting the use of cookie technologies on their websites while complying with the law and obtaining legally valid consent.

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The solution:

In this context, the NZN Group hired AdOpt, a company specialized in helping organizations comply with privacy laws, including LGPD, GDPR, and CCPA. AdOpt plays the role of intermediary between visitors and the managers of the websites and content portals.

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Benefits of the partnership:

• Consent collection: The partnership enabled the collection of millions of individual and anonymous consents every month, ensuring transparency and compliance with privacy laws.

• Automatic updates: Since the enforcement of the law, there have been various updates, and AdOpt ensured that all updates were quickly implemented, aligning with legal requirements. The NZN Group did not have to worry about constant changes.

• Multilingual communication: The law requires that the cookie banner be communicated in the visitor's language. AdOpt provides a translation feature for the banner in over 20 languages, fulfilling this legal obligation.

• Seamless integration: One of the challenges faced by companies is finding a technology that acts as an intermediary between visitors and websites without compromising the design and performance of the site. AdOpt offers customization levels that allow for a lightweight and seamless design.

Performance and speed: The loading speed of a news website that relies on online ads is crucial as it directly affects user experience and business profitability.

A fast website loading ensures that users can access content quickly, increasing engagement and reducing bounce rate.

Furthermore, slowly loading ads can negatively impact the effectiveness of advertising campaigns, decreasing visibility and reach for advertisers.

Therefore, ensuring optimized loading speed is crucial to ensure user satisfaction and maximize revenue potential through online ads.

With that said, AdOpt was hired for its tag performance and loading speed that do not hinder site profitability.

• Protection against violations and opportunists: With the increasing search for errors and system vulnerabilities in order to label companies as violators of the law, it is the first step of a "fine industry." There have been cases where individuals tried to accuse the NZN Group of violations, but the group was able to defend itself and prominently argue for the partnership with AdOpt, demonstrating its commitment to compliance and data protection.

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The success case between AdOpt and Grupo NZN has served as inspiration for hundreds of other companies and professionals who have chosen to follow the path of compliance, placing conformity first.

This partnership demonstrates the importance of a proactive approach to ensuring user data privacy and compliance with data protection laws.

In addition to the previously mentioned benefits, the partnership between AdOpt and Grupo NZN has brought significant opportunities for the legal and technology departments, further strengthening the compliance of the involved companies.

In the legal department, the use of the cookie banner provided by AdOpt allowed Grupo NZN to fully comply with the requirements of the LGPD and other privacy laws.

The transparency provided by the cookie banner helped establish a relationship of trust with the portal visitors, who gained a clear understanding of how their information would be used. This contributed to avoiding potential legal actions from users or regulatory authorities, minimizing risks and potential fines resulting from infringements.

Furthermore, the cookie banner allowed the legal department to track and audit obtained consents more accurately.

AdOpt provides a consent management system that individually records and stores each user's preferences in compliance with applicable privacy laws. This functionality simplifies the process of verifying valid consent, which is essential for legal compliance.

The technology department also benefited from the implementation of AdOpt's solution.

The performant and highly customizable technology provided seamless integration with the Grupo NZN portals without compromising design and user experience. This was crucial in ensuring visitor satisfaction, keeping them engaged and loyal.

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Additionally, AdOpt's ability to perform automatic updates in line with privacy legislation was extremely valuable for the technology department.

With constant changes in data protection laws, staying up-to-date and compliant is an ongoing challenge. However, thanks to the partnership with AdOpt, Grupo NZN could focus on their core activities, trusting that the consent management technology would always be up-to-date and compliant with the latest legal requirements.

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Thus, the partnership between AdOpt and Grupo NZN not only strengthened the companies' compliance but also brought opportunities for internal process optimization, mitigation of legal risks, and improved user experience.

The collaboration between the legal and technology departments allowed for a holistic and effective approach to ensuring compliance with data protection laws, placing Grupo NZN at the forefront of data privacy and security in the media industry.

Finally, the compliance assessment report, known as the "Privacy Report," developed by AdOpt as part of their work with Grupo NZN, represents a significant value delivery.

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With over 50 items of direct, objective, and consultative evaluation, the report delves into the details of key documents such as the privacy policy and terms of use, as well as user flows when exercising their rights regarding personal data.

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This comprehensive approach of the Privacy Report demonstrates Grupo NZN's ongoing commitment to compliance and user data protection. In an ever-evolving landscape where privacy laws and regulations are constantly being updated, the company recognizes the importance of staying informed and adapting to legal requirements.

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The Privacy Report acts as a reliable guide, a compass, assisting Grupo NZN in directing their compliance efforts, identifying areas for improvement, and providing clear recommendations for continuous enhancement of cookie banner technology usage and the legal basis of consent. Moreover, the report enables the company to stay updated on guidance issued by the National Data Protection Authority (ANPD), such as the advisory guide on cookie usage.

By providing a comprehensive view of the current compliance status and guiding future actions, the Privacy Report plays a vital role in the company's strategic direction regarding data privacy. It helps alleviate concerns and uncertainties, ensuring that Grupo NZN remains at the forefront of best privacy practices and compliant with current regulations.

By adopting a proactive and continuous approach through the Privacy Report, Grupo NZN demonstrates its commitment to prioritizing user privacy and adapting to regulatory changes. This attitude strengthens user trust, contributes to the company's positive reputation, and positions it as an exemplary leader in the media industry regarding personal data protection.

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