Privacy Policy - ADOPT

Privacy Policy - ADOPT

(Last updated on 02/04/2024)


This Privacy Policy from GO ADOPT, LLC1, 2, and other group companies, including its controllers and controlled entities, directly or indirectly, as well as its affiliates and companies under common control ("AdOpt"), has been created to demonstrate our commitment to always treat Your personal data with security, privacy, and transparency.

Before we begin, let's establish a formality: in the text of our Privacy Policy, we will use "You" (with a capital Y) whenever we refer to individuals who use our website, application, and social networks.

Additionally, whenever we refer to "Customers" or "Users," we are referring to those who have contracted our services, with Customers being those who use the paid version of the services, and Users being those who use the free version.

Another important thing: only use and register on this website or application if You agree to our privacy policy!

So, before accepting our Privacy Policy, we want to explain who we are, what we do, and how we will take care of Your information.

Therefore, it is important to take some time to read it here!

If You prefer, You can jump directly to one of the topics below:

1 AdOpt is registered in the United States as: GO ADOPT, LLC, EIN: 86-3965064 Address: 7345 W Sand Lake Road, Ste 210 Office 5898 Orlando, FL 32819.

2 AdOpt is registered in Brazil as: GO ADOPT, LTDA, a private legal entity, enrolled in the National Register of Legal Entities - CNPJ/MF under no 51.889.157/0001-50, headquartered at Av. Sete de Setembro, no 2775, Bairro Rebouças, Curitiba/PR, Zip Code 80.230-010.

What is AdOpt?

AdOpt was born with the mission of increasingly valuing privacy as a fundamental right of each of us.

This purpose led us to develop the AdOpt Platform, which aims to give control to everyone browsing the Internet over their personal data, and assist companies in collecting, communicating, and controlling consent given by visitors to their websites in a simple manner and in accordance with the law.

Consent, for example, is one of the so-called legal bases of the General Data Protection Law No. 13,709/2018 (LGPD), but various other regulations such as GDPR, CCPA, PIPEDA, etc., also address this foundation. At AdOpt, we have already studied and adapted our processes since Law No. 12,965 of 2014, also known as the Brazilian Civil Rights Framework for the Internet.

In addition, we also respect and observe other regulations and will work to always be compliant with the upcoming regulations, because for us, privacy is a fundamental right.

Below are the regulations that we already recognize and work to ensure the compliance of our services. But, we do not limit ourselves to one or another exclusively, in their respective regions, we are always looking for a global compliance.


  • European Union - GDPR
  • United Kingdom - DPA - UK GDPR


  • Brazil - LGPD
  • Mexico - DPL
  • Canadá - PIPEDA
  • United States of America:
    • California - CCPA & CRPA
    • Colorado - CPA
    • Connecticut - CTDPA
    • Utah - UCPA
    • Virginia - VCDPA
    • Delaware - DPDPA
    • Montana - MTCDPA
    • Florida - FDBR
    • Texas - TDPSA
    • Oregon - OCPA
    • Indiana - ICDPA
    • New Jersey - NJDPA
    • Iowa - ICDPA
    • Tennessee - TIPA


  • Saudi Arabia - PDPL
  • South Africa - POPIA


  • China - PIPL
  • Thailand - PDPA
  • India - DPDPA
  • Indonesia - PDP
  • Japan - APPI
  • Malaysia - PDPA
  • Russia - 152-FZ

We made sure that all the processes and products we create are well-designed with a light, intuitive design, easy to understand, and privacy-oriented.

And how does this happen today? AdOpt has developed a Consent Management Tool ("CMP"). From the perspective of Customers and Users, it is software installed on the company's website. However, from the visitor's perspective, it is seen as the "Cookie banner".

The Cookie Banner, when installed on the websites of our Users and Customers, serves the following purposes:

- Communication and Information:

It communicates to visitors that the respective website uses cookies and informs them of their purposes, options, and the main communication links (required by several regulations).

- Recording:

For each visitor accessing the website of the Customer or User, we create an Internet Cookie (100% anonymized) and store it in the visitor's browser, along with the chosen cookie usage settings. After recording, we log in our systems that our Customer X, from website X, received a "New Cookie X1-Y2-Z3-@4" (Hypothetical example of a cookie, created with the registration and description of the consent given, or not).

- Control:

If this visitor returns to the website on another occasion, the pages of the website accessed by them will observe the cookie settings defined by the visitor. Additionally, they can already access pages to request eventual opt-out or consultation of personal data stored, to the website administrator (All via AdOpt's Platform).

Thus, at the moment of the request, the Website Administrator is notified of Your request, and they can process it to respond to You as soon as possible!

Note: In this article , we provide a step-by-step guide on how a cookie banner works, in detail!

You mentioned 'Privacy'?

We at AdOpt take Your privacy very seriously because we believe it is a great responsibility to receive Your personal data (such as Your name and email). Therefore, we want to explain how and why we collect Your data and how they will be treated, stored, and protected, all in accordance with Privacy Regulations all over the world.

You individually with other companies, organizations, or individuals.

In the criteria of privacy legislations such as, but not limited to GDPR, LGPD, PIPEDA, DPDPA, etc., we are only DATA PROCESSORS of personal data, as we act on behalf of the DATA CONTROLLERS, that is, our Customers and Users.

Why do we need Your data?

AdOpt only collects personal data directly in 4 situations:

1º. When a company or individual accesses our services and creates an account providing their registration and payment details. Also by accepting this Policy and ourTerms of Use.

2º. When the visitor accesses one or more websites of our Customers and Users and directly requests "Opt-Out" (unsubscription) from us or makes an inquiry about the personal data stored by our Customers and Users (administrators of the respective website). We call this request a "Data Download Request," and for this, the visitor must provide their data so that they can then be attended to. For this function, we work as intermediaries of our Customers and Users.

Here's alink detailing how our Opt-out process works.

3º. When You access our Help Center and fill out the Form to create a Support Request. Or provide Your data, also for creating tickets, via conversation with one of our Chat attendants.

4º. When You subscribe to our Newsletter.

In summary, Your data will be used for the following purposes:

  • a) Maintain You in our base of Users and/or Customers of the software, in case You install it and register in it;
  • b) Allow us to communicate with You, whenever necessary;
  • c) Transmit news, promotions, and information to You about our services, updates to our software, or Privacy Policy;
  • d) Improve our services, personalize, develop, and enhance our platform, applications, services, and features, by identifying and using the information we have about You, such as the ways of interacting with our site, most used features, contents that receive more interaction, and Your preferences regarding our services, in general;
  • e) Generate aggregated and anonymous statistical reports about the functioning and operation of our websites and applications. In this case, no personal data will be used in the report;
  • f) Conduct interviews and satisfaction surveys about the platforms and services;
  • g) Transmit the requests from visitors of the websites of our Users and Customers, automatically forwarding their eventual Opt-Out or Data Download requests.

What personal data do we collect and how is it used?

We only collect and use the essential personal data for the purposes mentioned above.

How do we collect Your data?

We collect personal data about You whenever:

  • ● You register on our websites or software;
  • ● You access our websites or software;
  • ● You change Your registration details on our websites or software;
  • ● You interact with AdOpt through social networks;
  • ● We receive information about You from Users or Customers, such as our commercial integration partners.

To justify the collection of this data, we need Your consent, that is, Your authorization for us to collect and process Your personal data. Our Privacy Policy serves precisely to provide You with all the necessary information about why we need and what we do with Your data so that You can consent freely, clearly, and informed, and we can keep a record of this authorization.

But what personal data do we specifically process?

Below is a list of the types of personal data we collect, according to the respective purposes for which we collect them:

Personal data:

Personal DataData SubjectSpecific Purposes
Full NameIndividual responsible for contracting AdOpt services.- Account creation in our systems or registration for Newsletters. For contact regarding the account or AdOpt information.
- Obtaining consent for the processing of personal data.
- Direct communication with the individual during the use of the software.
E-mailIndividual or Legal Entity responsible for contracting AdOpt services.- Account creation in our systems or registration for Newsletters. For contact regarding the account or AdOpt information.
- Obtaining consent for the processing of personal data.
- Use for creating audiences in advertising tools.
Phone NumberIndividual responsible for contracting AdOpt services.- Account creation in our systems.
- For contact regarding the account or AdOpt information.

Analytics Data:

We also inform that we collect analytics data (information, metrics, statistics), but it's anonymized, meaning it's not capable of identifying You. These data will only be used so our team can understand how the software and our site(s) have been used by the user community and include information such as: (i) visitor activities on our site and date/time of execution; (ii) access to tabs, pages, specific websites of the application and date/time of access; and (iii) errors, bugs, and malfunctions of the application, generating error messages, date/time of the error.

Technical Data:

These are data collected when You access our site or application. These data have technical or statistical nature and may include information about access to our site (for example, is this Your first time here?), IP address, and other technical data about Your device, such as the operating system, Your browser type, etc.

And what about cookies? 🍪

"Cookies" are internet files that temporarily store what people visit on the internet. There are other technologies that also serve to obtain usage statistics of a specific application and may also allow the identification of devices, browsers, user profiles.

Our websites use cookies and similar technologies to better understand how You use our site and also to personalize content. Currently, we use a third-party service (Google Analytics) to obtain this statistical information and user profile. Therefore, these cookies and tracking technologies are subject to their respective privacy policies, not AdOpt's privacy policy.

Our company uses its own technology for the full functioning of consent management. For this purpose, we use cookies with a validity period of 60 days.

For complete and detailed access to the cookies used by the AdOpt tool, their validity, purpose, and characteristics,access here.

Another important piece of information is that AdOpt uses two types of storage in visitors' browsers, Cookies and Local Storage, thus reinforcing consent storage.

What information does AdOpt record?

  • IP Address
  • Device (e.g., Mobile Model)
  • Operating System (Android, iOS, Windows)

For informationon how to delete AdOpt's cookies, this article will help You with a detailed step-by-step guide.

Additionally, we also use third-party cookies on our sites.

Below, You have a list of all those who may have access to the cookies generated in our environments, the reasons we use their services, and their respective privacy policies.

Google Analytics - Classification: Statistical
- Tool for analyzing visitor behavior on our websites.
- You can access the Privacy Policy of Google Analytics by clicking here.

Google Tag Manager - Classification: Necessary
- Third-party tag management tool on our websites.
- Used to manage blocking of third-party cookies on our site.
- You can access the Privacy Policy of Google Tag Manager by clicking here.

Google Ads - Classification: Marketing
- Advertising network used for marketing campaigns.
- You can access the Privacy Policy of Google Ads by clicking here.

Facebook - Classification: Marketing
- Advertising network used for marketing campaigns.
- You can access the Privacy Policy of Facebook by clicking here.

Hariken - Classification: Marketing
- Data management tool (cookies) for optimizing digital advertising campaigns.
- You can access the Privacy Policy of Hariken by clicking here.

ActiveCampaign - Classification: Functional
- Email marketing and CRM tool.
- You can access the Privacy Policy of ActiveCampaign by clicking here.

Microsoft Clarity - Classification: Statistical
- Tool for analyzing visitor behavior on our websites.
- You can access the Privacy Policy of Microsoft Clarity by clicking here.

Mixpanel - Classification: Statistical
- Tool for analyzing visitor behavior on our websites.
- You can access the Privacy Policy of Mixpanel by clicking here.

Freshworks - Classification: Functional
- Customer service tool, such as Chat and Help Center.
- You can access the Privacy Policy of Freshworks by clicking here.

CloudFlare - Classification: Necessary
- Website optimization, security, and performance tool.
- You can access the Privacy Policy of CloudFlare by clicking here.

Stripe - Classification: Necessary
- Payment gateway used for credit card processing, invoice control, etc.
- You can access the Privacy Policy of Stripe by clicking here.

Hotjar - Classification: Statistical
- Service for analyzing visitor behavior and navigation on our websites using heatmaps.
- You can access the Privacy Policy of Hotjar by clicking here.

SemRush - Classification: Marketing
- Service for SEO intelligence and strategy, content production, and keyword research on search engines.
- You can access the Privacy Policy of Semrush by clicking here.

And sensitive personal data?

AdOpt does not collect or process any sensitive personal data.

How do we treat personal data from children and teenagers?

First of all, we highlight that our services are not aimed at children and teenagers, but rather at companies. Nevertheless, we want to make it clear that if You are under 12 years old, ask Your dad, mom, or guardian to help You navigate on our website(s).

Additionally, it is important for us that Your parents or guardians are part of the experience of our services, such as interacting with our Cookie Banners, whether they are on our own website(s) or on the websites of our Clients and Users. In all our Notices, at the "Opt-out" link or, down at the end of this text, we provide our contacts so that Your guardians can also make any requests for deletion, details, or inquiries about any data we may have about You.

With whom do we share personal data?

Here, we want to reinforce our commitment to the privacy and protection of personal data of the users of our services: AdOpt does not sell or share information that can identify You individually with other companies, organizations, or individuals, especially sensitive data, as referred above. However, to provide our services in the best possible way, we may share some information and personal data with third parties. For this, we maintain an updated list of companies that may eventually have contact with Your data. Check out this link for the list of AdOpt's third-party data subprocessors.

Until when will the data be retained?

Your personal data will continue to be processed until You inform us that You are no longer interested in our services or do not wish to receive information sent by AdOpt. You can also request the deletion of Your data at any time and ask us to stop sending You emails or notifications. Feel free to make Your requests at any time! Remember, if the regulation in force in Your country is not specifically listed in this policy, our commitment to Your privacy is our priority. Therefore, just inform us in any of the following ways:

- Write an email to, or and we will take all necessary actions;

- Click on the AdOpt controller (circle) located at the bottom left of our website, then click on the Opt-Out option and make Your request; or

- Click on the unsubscribe link located in the footer of the emails we send. All security measures we take apply to Your information only from the moment we receive it and while we keep it under our control. The operation and security of the device You use to access our services, as well as the networks through which the data traffic, are not the responsibility of AdOpt.

International Data Transfer (Storage on Foreign Servers)

At AdOpt, we may process Your data in the United States, Brazil, or abroad, through third parties such as the suppliers mentioned earlier in this policy. Regardless of the case, we will take all necessary measures to ensure compliance with this Privacy Policy and the laws in force in all countries, to guarantee Your rights related to the protection of personal data within and outside Your country.

Thus, by using our services, You authorize us, under the terms of this Privacy Policy, to transfer, process, store, and use Your personal data, including sensitive data, in other countries.

Know Your rights!

We value Your rights highly and would like to emphasize that, according to the law, You have the right to request:

• Confirmation of the existence of data processing;
• Access to Your personal data stored by us;
• Correction of incomplete, inaccurate, or outdated data;
• Anonymization (making the data anonymous, i.e., it ceases to be associated with You), blocking, or deletion of unnecessary, excessive, or data processed in non-compliance with the provisions of the applicable legislation;
• Revocation of Your consent and deletion of personal data in accordance with the law.

To request any of the above-described requests, You can use our email, or within the Cookie Banner, in the Opt-out link.

If You request the anonymization of Your data or revoke consent so that AdOpt stops processing Your personal data, please note that we will no longer be able to maintain direct communication with You.

For all inquiries regarding international privacy laws, even if not specifically listed in this policy, our official channels and addresses remain the same.

For any requests or questions You have, just send an email to, or and speak directly to our Data Protection Officer, or You can even send it through the chat on our website, and we will respond as soon as possible!

Our addresses are:

GO ADOPT, LLC - EIN: 86-3965064

Address: 7345 W Sand Lake Road, Ste 210 Office 5898 Orlando, ZIP: FL 32819.

GO ADOPT, LTDA - - CNPJ: 51.889.157/0001-50

Address: Av. Sete de Setembro, no 2775, Rebouças, Curitiba/PR, ZIP: 80.230-010.

About Updates to this Privacy Policy

To check the updated version of our Privacy Policy, simply visit our website or click here.

You may be notified of updates through notifications sent to You when accessing our website or software environment, or through available contact methods (email) provided by You, informing you if our Privacy Policy is updated.

Any update will only be applicable to You 30 (thirty) days after we communicate the changes to You.

Acceptance of the Privacy Policy

It's great to know that You''ve made it this far!

Now that You have all the necessary information, all You need to understand is that by accepting our privacy policy, You declare to have legal capacity, giving Your express consent to everything presented in it.

If You haven't reached the age of 12 (twelve) yet, don't forget to ask Your dad or mom for help to agree with our Privacy Policy.

We appreciate You making it this far!

For any questions or concerns, feel free to send an email to Dúvidas ou considerações, manda um e-mail para, or, or You can even message us on the chat of our website, and we'll respond as soon as possible!

Sincerely,AdOpt Team!

Address: 7345 W Sand Lake Road, Ste 210 Office 5898 Orlando, FL 32819
EIN: 86-3965064
Phone: +1 (407) 768-3792



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