AdOpt's Cookies & technical details

We use 4 cookies for our service.

They are:

AdoptID - generated at the moment of the access, for new visitors who receive the banner information - Expiration: 60 days.

AdoptConsent - generated at the moment of consent, with the description of the visitor's choices - Expiration: 60 days.

VisitorId - generated at the moment the user logs in, it is responsible for storing the visitor's information and ensures that their consent is the same if they access different sites that have the same cookie banner. This cookie is triggered only on sites that have multiple source functionality, for more information, please contact us. Expiration: 60 days.

AdoptGD - Used to verify the domain and subdomain of the consent. Expiration: seconds.

Another important information is that AdOpt uses two types of storage in the visitors' browser, Cookies and Local Storage, thus reinforcing the recording of consents.

What information does AdOpt collect?

  • Device (e.g. Cell Phone model)
  • Operational System (Android, IOS, Win)

We remind you that AdOpt only manages visitors' consents.

The only data collection made by AdOpt happens if the visitor enters his contact information (email) through a form in the AdOpt's client environment.

With this personal data, AdOpt automatically passes it on to its client DPO. Then, within 30 (thirty) days, AdOpt deletes the data from its records, keeping only the CookieID anonymous and encrypted.

More information regarding trigger environments; 1st vs. 3rd Party

Here we describe the relationship between AdOpt and your company, and the co-responsibility for cookie usage, storage and consent management.

When there is an opt-out request we need to separate the responsibilities, between AdOpt and your company. After all, AdOpt acts as an intermediary/operator between the parties, but also has its responsibility in the process.

**1 - **The Opt-out request is made in an AdOpt environment, which was created in representation of your company, so the first to perform some action should be AdOpt itself.

1.1 Notice that your generated Opt-out page is built within the AdOpt domain:

**1.2 **Remember also, that the AdOpt cookies that record the consents in AdOpt, are all fired by the AdOpt Tag - on your site. Therefore, the cookies despite being fired by AdOpt Tag, are "1st Party" cookies when viewed from the perspective of your domain.

What does this mean?

In short, that a Third Party - in this case AdOpt, could not simply order the deletion of a cookie unless that order was made from within your environment, at the time of the visitor's access. Because, the browser that holds the cookie must be "linked". Therefore, 1st party cookies are only deleted when connected to their "source".

With that said, we have also chosen for a clear communication with the visitors with informative guidelines, public tutorials so that they - by themselves, can delete 100% of the cookies registered in their browsers.

For more information, we are available at

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