How do I refer AdOpt in my Privacy Policy?

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1. In the section where you list the "Technologies used by your company", if you have any more specific one about Cookies Policy / Management

2. Insert the paragraph below about AdOpt referencing its use and rationale in Privacy Regulations.

** (note)* We suggest that you keep the hyperlinks so that the visitor can also check the information presented in a free and independent way, accessing each source directly. Just copy the text, and it will get the links. If not, just below a list of them.

Our suggestion for you, just copy and paste the paragraph below:

** Cookies Banner & Consent Management** - AdOpt We use the AdOpt Consent Management platform to communicate and manage the consent of visitors to our website(s) Policy and Terms in a free, written, and detailed manner as requested by several privacy regulations throughout the world.

For more details on how does a Cookie Banner work; For AdOpt's Privacy Policy.


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Finally: if you also would also like to use our article on: How to delete cookies and cache from Chrome or another browser, as a tutorial for your clients, feel free! We know it's a complex tutorial to do, and whenever you have a new version of these systems, we will try to keep it always up to date.

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