Basic Consent Mode

Installing and using the tag template DOES NOT replace the AdOpt disclaimer already installed on your website. Both the standard AdOpt disclaimer and the tag template must be installed on your site

Installing the tag template, through the template gallery

  1. In GTM, go to the Templates section, and in the Tag Templates box, click the Search Gallery button. consent_mode_en_1_1.png

  2. In the tab that opens on the right, click on the magnifying glass symbol to search, and search for "adopt" or simply scroll down the list until you find AdOpt. consent_mode_en_1_2.png consent_mode_en_1_3.png

  3. Click on the AdOpt template, and then click the blue Add to workspace button consent_mode_en_1_4.png consent_mode_en_1_5.png

Installing tag template

  1. Now that you have the AdOpt template, go to the Tags section and click New to create a new tag. consent_mode_en_1_6.png

  2. From the list of available templates, select the AdOpt template you just imported. consent_mode_en_1_7.png consent_mode_en_1_8.png

  3. In the tag configuration part, in the Triggering part, first select Consent Initialization - All Pages, as this is a specific trigger that will make GTM "understand" that the Consent mode is active. consent_mode_en_1_9.png consent_mode_en_1_10.png

  4. Add a second trigger, of type Custom Event.
    4.1. Click the "+" symbol to add a new trigger, and in the list of triggers, click the "+" symbol again to create a new trigger.
    consent_mode_en_1_11.png consent_mode_en_1_12.png

    4.2. Click on the Trigger Configuration box and in the list that will open on the right, click on Custom Event, in the Others section.
    consent_mode_en_1_13.png consent_mode_en_1_14.png

    4.3. Choose a name of your choice for this trigger, and in Event Name, type


    4.4. Make sure the All custom events option is selected, select this option if necessary and click the blue Save button

    4.5. Back in configuration, check that both triggers are configured, and click the blue Save button.

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