What text edits are possible in the Cookie Banner?

Starting from the Business plan, all texts in the banner are editable. You can change titles, category descriptions, buttons, links... almost everything is editable.

Go to the Style section, Disclaimer Text step, and locate the grey banners. Click on the text you want to change, and the field will open for editing. Each field has a character counter showing the current text length and the character limit.

ATTENTION! If you want to change the text in a single language, just choose the legislation and language you want and edit it directly, as in the preview image below. Once edited, don't forget to save before moving on to another language/legislation.

Each language and legislation can have a unique text combination for that banner version.

You can make text changes in the default language and all others. Remember, no text changes are necessary, but customization is possible. Check for improvements in communication as needed for your business.

(Be careful with grammar and typing errors!) Como editar os textos, botões e descritivos no aviso EN - 01.png

With this change, AdOpt supports customizations in each language, for each legislation. There are various customization possibilities.

###bHow to verify my changes?

  • To test the multi-legislation functionality of the AdOpt banner, accessing from other countries, you will need a VPN.

  • To test the multi-language functionality of the AdOpt banner, just change your browser's language and refresh the page where the AdOpt Banner is installed.

Can I restrict the languages of the Cookie Banner?

Yes, it is possible to change which languages are available on your site. By default, AdOpt will provide all the languages we have registered in our system, but you can remove languages and/or change the default language for your business.

Click the configure language button. A window will open where you can activate or deactivate languages and also change the default language.

Como editar os textos, botões e descritivos no aviso EN - 02.png

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