How to setup the AdOpt scanner in an authenticated environment?

In this guide we will talk about:

  • What is authenticated scanning? A little bit about the purpose of this feature.

  • Is it available for all plans? Currently only for the Enterprise plan.

  • How to use the authenticated scanner? Step by step how to set up the feature in AdOpt.

What is the authenticated scanner?

The authenticated scanner is an AdOpt feature that makes it possible to read cookies in logged in areas that require authentication or confirmation of a login.

It is common that in logged areas your website has a specific use of services that use cookies and local files (localstorage) for data storage and better functioning of these sections.

It was with this in mind that AdOpt developed this feature!

Now you can configure AdOpt to scan a specific url, within the logged area of your site, automatically.

Just setup the necessary events so that we can log into your service and scan the url, thus complementing your cookie listing, on notice.

Is this available for all plans?

This is an exclusive feature of the Enterprise plan.

Guide on how to use the authenticated scanner.

This feature is found within the configuration section of the banner: Tag Categorization. Go to the Scanner or Tag Categorization step and click on "Configuration" to open the "Scanner Configuration" menu.


Click "Add Event" to set up your "Authenticated Scanner" event.


When you click "Add event" a window will open and you can configure each of the steps of this authentication. Follow the steps and images below to understand how this configuration works.


1 - Name the event. E.g.: Checkout

2 - Enter the URL that needs to be scanned, inside the logged in area (it needs to be already added back there on the "create disclaimer step").

3 - Enter the login URL.

4 - Create events as a step by step required to login.

  • Type = Text fields
  • Click = Buttons and check-boxes.


5 - Go to your login page and, with the right button, inspect the element that receives the event.


6 - Right-click on the highlighted element.

7 - Select "Copy Selector" from the copy menu.


8 - Paste in the field: Query selector.

Repeat this process until you have all events filled in, and hit save.

That's it! These are all the configuration steps for this feature.

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