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What is the Dashboard section?

The term Dashboard is commonly used for information panel, indicators, and important metrics for the functioning of a company. It is no different in AdOpt! The Dashboard section is where the main metrics and indicators of the organization are concentrated. Each organization has a unique Dashboard section that compiles the information from the Cookie Banners of the account, each with its own individual view. This will become clearer throughout the guide.


It is available in the Business and Enterprise plans.

Where can I find my organization's Dashboard?

The Dashboard section is located in the organization's sidebar menu. First, access the desired organization and then locate the Dashboard section in the left sidebar.

What is the purpose of the Dashboard?

The Dashboard provides quick data visualizations for each Cookie Banner over the last 30 days. In this section, you can view the metrics individually in a chronological manner, identifying day-to-day entries of: unique visitors; opt-ins (consents); download requests; opt-out requests.

The Dashboard panel will serve as an ally to the Data Protection Officer (DPO), in analyzing and controlling the rights requests of data subjects (download and opt-out requests). Here you can identify entry peaks, low periods, and cross-reference data with other internal metrics of your company.

How does the organization's metrics visualization work?

Select the Cookie Banner for which you want to view the metrics. If the Cookie Banner is already installed and receiving "hits" (records of total or partial consent; download requests; opt-out requests) and these entries are more than a day old, they should appear on the Dashboard panels.

The section has three main panels:

  • Unique visitors;
  • Comparison of download and opt-out requests;
  • General metrics compilation: unique visitors; opt-ins (or consent); opt-out and download

Are the metrics updated in real-time?

The metrics are updated at the end of the day, loading the total metrics from the previous day.

Are there any limitations in data display?

The display occurs individually, by selected Banner.

What are the differences between the plans?

This section is identical for the Business and Enterprise plans and is not available for the Starter plan. We may release updates and new features for the plans.

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