How to categorize my tags?

You need to classify each of them into 1 of the 5 Purpose Categories prescribed in the LGPD:

  • Required: Without them, your business model does not work, or you have to use them by law/your legislation.

  • Marketing / Advertising: With them, you trigger your remarketing, populate ad pixels, email cadences, etc.

  • Statistics / Analytics: With them, you have an analysis of what visitors do, where they come from, how they behave on your site.

  • Performance: Tags that maintain site functionalities ensuring its operation, e.g., prevent DDoS attacks.

  • Functional: Tags that operate functionality aspects, such as remembering preferences or recognizing that you are already logged into the system, chatbots.

  • If you don't have any tags, only Adopt's, you can classify them as Necessary. After all, the LGPD asks us to have a consent management tool and/or equivalent on our websites when we collect contact data and/or use tracking pixels.

So, it is necessary for the functionality of your site and business model to comply with the LGPD. Once all tags are categorized, this section of the site will turn green.

How to categorize my tags00.png

Note: Whenever a new tag is added or removed from the site, you need to visit this step and verify that the tags are all categorized here, correctly.

In the case of a new third-party tag, Adopt should be re-configured because the "rules of the game have been modified".

This is neither good nor bad, it's just a new variable/combination of tracking that your visitor has the right to understand and consent to, or not. Therefore, all consents up to this change will be differentiated from this new combination of tags.

Thus, visitors who return to your site after this change will be notified again by AdOpt to consent to this new combination that was added.

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