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This is a practical and inviting guide on how you can help AdOpt grow.

That's right! In just a few minutes you can help AdOpt grow and bring even more direct benefits to all users, compliance to new laws, new languages, new functionalities and the improvement of already known features.

We are a small team, but driven (by a lot of coffee) by a goal much bigger than ourselves: the privacy and security of our customers. The tranquility of your sleep is our tranquility (nobody deserves to sleep with the fear of being fined, urgh!).

If you have been using AdOpt for some time, you may have already experienced, first-hand, the launch of several new features. We are always bringing new additions to the AdOpt solution to this global compliance need that is privacy.

How can I help AdOpt?

Review us on G2. G2 is a globally used platform for software ratings, feedbacks and reviews and your comment can help AdOpt's international authority and relevance.

Why is AdOpt asking for a review?

The review is, for us, the best public resource to gain authority in the marketplace. With your review we will improve our visibility.

Where? On the G2 platform site.

On the G2 platform, more specifically on the AdOpt. page

Other types of feedback on our communication channels are extremely welcome for our internal use, quick fixes and also for us to get better and better.

When to do and how long does it take?

You can do your review right now and in our experience it takes about 5-10 minutes. If you have had some experience with AdOpt you can already help us with your review.

How do we get you to do this review?

Here are some tips before you move on to the G2 platform. The entire G2 platform is in English. You can download the Google Translator extension in your browser and enable it when you access the G2 website, so the extension will translate all the texts, questions and answer fields into your preferred language.

Another tip: write your evaluation in the language of your choice, which can be either English, Portuguese or the language of your choice. The G2 team will make an analysis when sending the review and evaluations outside English are also accepted.

Last details

Have you read this guide so far? Between us, the world needs more people like you! Remember that G2 curates the submissions and it may take a few days for the review to be posted.

Your review was accepted by the G2 team? Thank you very much, really! Be sure that inside AdOpt we will toast that with cookies and lots of coffee! :D Feel free to share it with us on chat or

Best Regards, AdOpt Team

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