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How do I categorize my tags?

Now we will teach you how to categorize or classify the third-party tags so that your visitors have a detailed description of the purpose that each of these services performs during their navigation.

Select the disclaimer that you want to configure, and go to the option: Scan.


Or Click on Tags at the banner settings page categorize-tags_2.png

Click the button: Scan tags categorize-tags_3.png

All your TAGS will be listed as shown below. categorize-tags_4.png

Remember that AdOpt must be categorized as: Required


You must classify them, one by one, according to your cookie policy and/or terms of use. This will detail the purpose of each TAG on the banner.

(If the scan doesn't work, clear your cache (CTRL+SHIFT+R) and disable all ad blockers or extensions that block third party tags - If the scan doesn't work, let our team know in chat or email (sos@goadopt.io) - sending your account URL and owner email, and we will get back to you as soon as possible!




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