How to categorize your tags in AdOpt?

Hey there, in this guide, let's dive into the Tag Scan, Tags, or Scan step—one of the 6 settings steps of your Cookie Banner on AdOpt.

In this guide, we will cover:

  1. Scan tags
  2. Where will the scanner read?
  3. Categorization of found tags
  4. Tag details
  5. Tag scanner configuration
  6. Download reports

Site Tag Scanner;

Now, let us guide you on configuring this crucial step of your Cookie Banner. Select the banner you wish to configure and navigate to the Scanner option.

Click on Tag Categorization, Scanner (or Tags in the AdOpt side menu);

Once inside the Tags or Tag Scan section, let's now identify the active tags on your site and categorize them. Click the "Scan tags" button to initiate the scan.

Where will the scanner read?

The reading will occur precisely on the URLs registered during the creation of your Cookie Banner within the AdOpt platform. How to verify or adjust this information?

Tag scan reach

How to adjust the tag scan reach?

Back to the initial part of your Organization, select the Cookie Banner, click the gear icon, and then "edit." Here, you can remove, alter, or add new URLs to the Cookie Banner. These new URLs will be added to the reading coverage of our tag scanner.

Ensure that all pages of your site with distinct services (using cookies) are registered when creating the Cookie Banner so that all these tags appear/are identified in the tag section.

If you made any changes to the URLs, you need to repeat the scan by clicking "scan tags" in the tag section.

Categorization of found tags

Navigate to the "Found Tags" section and review the reading results. Here, the tags—services that trigger/use cookies and local files in their operations—on your site will be presented.

All your TAGS will be listed as shown below:

Remember that AdOpt must be categorized as: Necessary

(If the scan doesn't work, clear your cache (CTRL+SHIFT+R), and disable all ad blockers or extensions that block third-party tags - If the scan doesn't work, notify our team in the chat or create a ticket - providing your URL and account email, and we'll get back to you as soon as possible!

You need to categorize them one by one according to your privacy policy and/or terms of use, detailing the purpose of each TAG.

Important: AdOpt will present tags with a "suggested" classification, as identified by a market usage pattern. However, it is up to you, along with your technical, legal, DPO, marketing department, to analyze the tags installed on your site and the purpose of each service.

Check all categories and make sure they are all categorized.

Important: tags that appear as unknown must be categorized to appear in your Cookie Banner. In other words, unknown tags are "waiting" for classification to be distributed and presented correctly.

Don't forget to save all changes made on the page: a new scanner reading, new categorization of a tag, etc.

Tag Details

For all tags, you can click on "View details" and analyze their details, cookies, and local files that make up the tag. Individual information about each cookie can guide you in categorizing tags. E.g., if this cookie has a session registration purpose, it may be necessary for the site's operation.

Tag Scanner Configuration

Click on "Configuration" in the "Scanner Settings" card.

Here we have basically two main functionalities

Scheduled Scanner, which can be configured with different frequencies:

  • Manual, so the scanner works only when requested/activated manually;
  • Weekly, so the scanner is repeated weekly;
  • Monthly, so the scanner is repeated once a month.

We recommend using weekly or monthly frequencies for businesses that have a turnover of services installed on the site (tags) more frequently. Remember that the scanner will be repeated within the frequency, and you will need to access the platform to check the reading results (all identified tags and their categories).

Download Reports

You can also download the "Tag Report," a detailed report of the tags found on your site - making it easier to read and present data internally and between departments in your company.

Click the icon to download:

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