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Ensuring compliance for over 20.000 websites worldwide


Cookie Banners looking sharp.

Customize texts, cookie banner style, colors, placement, controller image, etc.

Does your website have both dark and light versions? No problem, our cookie banner is ready for your design strategy.

Need your website's classes to override some of our design rules, to ensure harmony with your site's design?

OK, with just one click, it's done!


A dynamic panel to control everything.

Design at AdOpt isn't limited to the banner but extends to the dashboard as well.

Each screen is designed to make your life easier and assist you on the setup and consent maintenance for your websites.

Several charts ready for quick sharing in meetings and exportable for reports.


Automatic recognition of language and regulation.

The cookie banner adjusts according to the visitor's browser language, always prioritizing the best understanding.

Buttons and options change based on specific regulations. So we autoomatically respond to the IP's origin. This ensures compliance with regional norms for foreign citizens accessing your websites.

If the visitor accesses from a country without a specific cookie use regulation, the format displayed will follow GDPR standards as a safeguard for the your website.


We create an exclusive data subject request page.

All AdOpt cookie banners come with an opt-out link by default, leading to an unique request page for that website. Thus, ensuring compliance on every plan.

The page accommodates two primary requests: Opt-out and Data Download, covering all categories of rights guaranteed by law.

If you already have an exclusive page for this flow, you can also remove the cookie banner link with one click.


Quickly find all trackers on your website!

Our scanner sweeps your website for all tags triggering trackers like cookies, local and session storage.

We organize everything by tag, detailing their expiration dates, codes and descriptions according to our database.

Need to add a new tag? No problem, share this new cookie with us, and we'll update it for you.

Need a detailed report to present to the client? With just 1 click, it's in your email.


Scan cookies even in logged-in areas of your website.

We see the real challenge for some managers to fully access thousands of pages and subpages of a website.

That's why we've created a robot that can log into your system and scan cookies in the logged-in areas of your website.

Within a few clicks, you can setup AdOpt and receive the scanner report directly in your email.

Best Practices in Tag Categorization


Easy setup everything with Google Tag Manager

Create your AdOpt account and setup all the steps of the cookie banner. Grab your unique tag in the installation section.

Inside your GTM container, add a new tag with permission to fire on all pages, save, and publish. There you go, your banner is live!

Now, open AdOpt in the tag scanner section and follow our tutorial on blocking third-party tags. Here's a link to it.

Your website is now compliant, and your business is more secure in just a few minutes.


One team, multiple roles, and responsibilities.

Organize your colleagues with hierarchical attributes that assign exclusive permissions to specific roles.

Highlight the organization's DPO to receive visitor notifications and also grant access to the analyst to check banner metrics for report updates.

Everything organized by access profile, no confusion.

Need to invite a customer to an exclusive organization? No problem, the invitation is easy, and billing, deadlines, and volumes information remains reserved for the account owner.


You control when to renew consents after a change.

With AdOpt's consent reset, you can pinpoint which configuration changes will require new consent from site visitors.

If you've updated a policy or terms of use, no worries. From that change onwards, all consents will be separated and updated upon new access.

The same applies to banner text, configuration of third-party tags... Basically, whatever you deem necessary for a more secure consent management.


All settings and changes recorded for audit purposes.

A secure environment that carries detailed information for each change in the tool.

Each record is stored with the unique ID of the action, a description, the name and email, their role, and the exact date and time.

Additionally, we also have records of the versions of each document referenced in the banner, as well as the of the tags categories.


Connect your services to AdOpt!

All logs, commands, and responses from AdOpt can be sent to your services via API and Call-backs.

With the API and our web-hooks, you can feed your CRM, ERP, App,... whatever you need. Our documentation is ready for you!

Link your website's classes to the cookie banner, reinforcing design and UX aspects.


Stay notified and don't lose control of your clients!

Many Data Processing Officers (DPOs) use AdOpt to manage consent on their clients' websites. With our reports, user organization, and scheduling, you can manage all teams and environments without losing control.

Receive notifications periodically, for data request, and when there are changes in the cookies; compare document versions and tag classifications, all set for your management.

We have special conditions for DPOs and Agencies looking to bring their clients to AdOpt. Our team is ready to create that plan with you!


All your websites with just one consent.

AdOpt's consent network allows you to use the cookie banner on more than one website, simultaneously. This means that whenever a visitor consents, they won't be prompted again on any other URL in the group.

All metrics are separated by URL for consent control per site.

This functionality is particularly helpful for corporate groups with same cookie policy for all their websites, making it easier to group management and data subject requests.


Your cookie compliance in 7 steps

List the cookie banner URLs
List the cookie banner URLs
Choose colors, texts, and style
Link documents and policies
Set the DPO for Opt-outs
Scan the website and categorize tags
Review cookie blocking
Install on your website, and you're ready to go!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Testimonials from some of our clients.


Go AdOpt came in as a real game-changer, sorting out headaches with cookie and consent management for both my company and our clients.


Nerdweb Agency


AdOpt is a well designed tool, with an easy setup. We always recommended it to our clients for its legal and compliance high standards with privacy matters.


ZO&MA Lawyers


I'm the DPO of one of the most relevant news and education website in Brazil. If it wasn't AdOpt, our work would be massively larger than today (consent management).




The platform helps my agency with the work for the LGPD here in Brazil, ensuring that everything is in compliance, providing security and peace of mind for my clients.


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Your website compliance in minutes

Stop neglecting privacy regulations and solve this issue today! We are the best Consent Management Platform (CMP) for digital businesses. Simple, direct, and always compliant.




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