How does the URL count and limit work?

In this guide we will clarify the URL limit and help you understand which plan is best for your business.

When searching for one of the plans in the

Within the AdOpt platform you can configure Cookie Banners to serve one or more websites.

Frequently Asked Questions:

  • Is a website the same as a URL? How many URL's do I need?
  • I have a single site and on it dozens of pages. Is one Cookie Banner enough?
  • Can I install the Cookie Banner on the home page only?
  • Can I use the same Cookie Banner for two different websites (e.g. blog and store)?

Short answer: The number of pages that trigger distinct cookies is equal to the number of URL's.

Detailed answer: Great questions. To answer we need to identify the number of pages (URL's) that trigger cookies and whether they have distinct services between them.

The Cookie Banner must show all cookies active on your site.

Therefore, AdOpt needs to read all cookies to present a complete Cookie Banner. The URL's you enter will be the pages that we read. So when creating the banner we need you to list these URL's.

When understanding process, you will be able to find the best solutions for your website(s).

We have the following variables in this "Cookie Banner" equation:

  • Cookie Banner;
  • Pages/URLs that trigger cookies (on one or more websites);
  • Documents: Terms of Use and Privacy Policiy;

The amount of each of these variables can interfere with the choice of plan at AdOpt, the amount of notices desired, the strategy behind the documentations, and more. But let's leave the mathematics aside (urgh!) and bring in practical examples from our day to day life.

Practical example - Ecommerce.

Picture an Ecommerce where the homepage, the FAQ and the cart page have separate cookie triggers. To have a complete warning you will need to list these three URL's, for the purposes of:

AdOpt's Scanner will scan those 3 pages and identify all the Tags and Cookies on the site; A single banner will have information on all the services (tags) that fire cookies on the site. This banner can serve all pages of the website (not just the three). A single banner; all services listed; coverage of the banner on all desired pages; and, the same documentation to serve the website (all pages).

A few valid observations are.

Note 1: One possibility for this website would be to move all cookie triggers to a single page and use a simple banner (with a single URL listed). This in an attempt to bring everything to one URL and use AdOpt's free plan. Otherwise, it would be fine with the Business plan onwards.

Note 2: Using multiple URL's within a single notice is a feature available from the Business plan onwards.

**Practical example - several sites of the same corporate group **.

We serve large companies that basically want a single banner for all possible websites, pages and environments. A single banner to serve multiple distinct websites such as: blog; institutional; courses or store environment; etc.

Question: Is this possible? Answer: Yes!

Remember that all these websites will have one and the same banner and everything will be centralized in the same environment within the AdOpt platform.

Regarding the configuration purposes within the platform:

  • Banner Creation. All these websites must be listed in the Banner creation;
  • Documentations. If you are going to add the documentation links in the Cookie Notice, they should cover all these websites in the group;
  • Opt-out page. The opt-out page will serve all visitors request.

Data Protection Officer routines (DPO):

  • Consent Logs. All actions recorded in the banner will appear within the Consent Log;
  • Opt-out Page. All request flows from the opt-out page will go to the email(s) registered on the opt-out page;

These are the main points that should be considered in the strategy and decision behind the number of banners, number of URL's and documentations.

I hope it has become clearer. Any questions we are at your disposal via: chat, tickets and email

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