How to invite colleagues into my AdOpt organization?

  1. Log-in to your AdOpt dashboard,

  2. Click on "My Organizations" in the menu on the bottom left, ![Invite Colleagues_1.png]((

  3. Select the Organization you want to add the new user ![Invite Colleagues_2.png]((

  4. Go to the Members menu, second option from the left. Click on: "Invite Member", on the right. ![Invite Colleagues_3.png]((

  5. Enter the email address of the user you want to give access to. Then, choose the permissions within the team hierarchy. ![Invite Colleagues_4.png]((

  6. Lastly, hit "Save", an email invite is sent to the given email with a unique link to login into the platform, then your organization.

There are 6 activity levels, with 4 hierarchy roles that combine permissions to: A - Tag Setup and Banner Appearance B - Receive the notifications and access to the visitors' requests emails. C - Editing the documents: Privacy Policy, Terms of Use and Opt-out. D - Plan and Payment Information, Invoice, limits, etc. E - Managing Users. F - Account Deletion/Delete user.

Roles: 1 - Owner: Maximum permission, the one who manages the users, including removing/deleting the account and has access to the account's financial info. 2 - Admin / DPO: All permissions except adding users and financial information. 3 - Analyst: Basic settings only and also receives system notifications via email. 4 - Viewer: View only.

![Invite Colleagues_5.png]((

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