Tag scanning does not work on my website!

  1. Make sure it is installed in the header of the site.

  2. If you have a wordpress site, some plugins block our tag. (Rocket for example)

  • Try installing it directly in the html of the site or via GTM.
  • AdOpt also has a WP plugin for you to try.
  1. If GTM (Google Tag Manager) was used, don't forget to set the trigger as "all pages".

  2. Update your page and Clear your cache (CTRL + SHIFT + R), several bugs and site versions are updated daily, so it may be a fix that your cache did not access.

  3. Does your website have the https protocol? If not, we recommend that you install it to improve security standards. You can find a free version at: https://letsencrypt.org/pt-br/

  4. If the problem persists, please contact support via chat and/or you can open a ticket at this link, and we will respond as soon as possible! - Send your login email and the URL of the website you need help.

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