Is the opt-out mandatory?

According to the GDPR, LGPD, CCPA and many others visitors have the right to revoke their consent - at any time, as well as request that you make available any data you may already have from this visitor within a stipulated period, as an official documentation of your company.

So, to facilitate this process, AdOpt has created a feature that helps you in presenting and communicating this obligation according to the law, and in managing the requests.

Because many of them may have the same request pattern and visitor behavior, we have an opportunity to use technology. Thus, we believe that what AdOpt can filter and already "solve" with the simple direct communication of the official documents and the public links that each third party tag makes available, as an opt-out option, we will already do it for you.


By creating an exclusive page for each site registered with AdOpt, which will make this communication, directly through a link created in your notice!

What do you need to have on hand for this configuration? (optional)

  • The estimated time, guaranteed by the DPO, that the data will be made available to the holder.

  • The estimated time, guaranteed by the DPO, that the data will be deleted.

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