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Disclaimer customizations

Is it possible to customize the Cookie Banner?

Yes, starting from the free plan there are already several customization possibilities!

For a full description, check here.

Starter Plan (free), the basic customizations:

  • positioning (corners, header, footer and center);
  • style of the disclaimer
  • colors; and
  • disclaimer text.

Business plan.

  • All basic customizations.
  • You can remove the notification link, placing it in an exclusive area, or footer of your site;
  • You can hide your disclaimer after users accept it, leaving a dedicated link for this function.
  • Edit all banner texts.
  • Access to unique icons as the banner widget (Lock and Cookie):


For a full description, check here.

Enterprise plan

  • Your logo as the banner controller icon.
  • Access to AdOpt integrations API,
  • Access to AdOpt Cookie Sync, among other advanced settings.

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