Why am I seeing this cookie banner?

Every day on the internet you leave traces with your browsing, and, many companies use them without your permission. :(

But, now there are new laws - the “Privacy Laws”, that regulates this situation and gives you rights as a citizen. So, by understanding them, you get to protect yourself! :)

Below, I left some articles to help you with this topic!

In a few minutes, you get to impress your friends, or even that @, with this new topics that relate to you all - You're welcome!

Disclaimer example
Cookie section

What do you do with (this traces) my cookies?

They are used to remember who you are, to target advertising and other strategies

Adopt identifies which traces are collected and the reason they are used for

Websites that use AdOpt respect your privacy and freedom of choice


Privacy is a fundamental right for every citizen.

AdOpt fights for this right to be respected.

we value privacy